Hi, everyone. Thanks very much for your interest in Pendragon. I’ll be using this site to keep track of events and other information for the campaign. All of it is fine for you to see, and at times I’ll encourage you to add to it yourselves. The Pendragon world is pretty robust, so something like this is going to more and more useful as time goes along.

Pendragon is my favorite game, bar none. There isn’t another game with a more elegant rules system that guides and enhances roleplaying (and fun!). I’ve given you all a copy of the Knights book, which briefly outlines the game and will be a good start, but there’s so much more! I will be using the 5.1 rules set, which I broke down and purchased last month. This version simplifies the setting a bit from the PC’s standpoint and straightens out the rules a little. I don’t think you’ll need to buy it, but I certainly invite you to.

The campaign itself will begin late during the reign of Uther Pendragon (Arthur’s father) in year 485. Your characters will participate in exciting and legendary events, but will forge forth with their own fantastic adventures as well. You will play heroes — and their sons — creating nearly one-hundred years of history over the course of the game. You will suffer through the anarchy following Uther’s demise, aid in the rise of Arthur, go on heroic quests, fight in famous battles, even seek the grail! You will travel to far-flung lands, fight in tourneys for the favor of lords and ladies, navigate the world of courtly politics and lay down your life for honor and the crown! Your dynasty will see the decline of the Arthurian world as well, and try to create a new world after his court is smashed and evil returns to the land.

Pendragon is like few other games in that death is simple and quick — it is very easy to die if you are not careful (and more than a little lucky). Healing and other magic is also quite rare — there are no clerics hanging around just to heal you after you get stabbed or fall into a pit. So, if you remember one thing, remember this: Pendragon is not D&D. You can and should get into fights (that’s what knights do), but if you want to hang onto your character, he’s going to have to swallow his pride and take a loss of honor sometimes in order to see the next sunrise.

The other unique feature is that there are no character classes. Everyone plays knights. Characters in Pendragon are highly customizable, though — you can have valiant knights and cowardly knights, cruel knights and merciful knights, etc…, all with a wide variety of skills and abilities proper to a knight. We’ll be using pregenerated characters to start, but you’ll get to take a crack at creating new characters soon enough.

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